[permaculture] Where is the ideal permaculture land?

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You have described paradise.? The problem is that the more ideal the climate the more expensive the land is.?? As for global warming,? there are broad predictions that the Southwest and Midwest will suffer terrible droughts, but who can say what will happen anywhere else.? I don't think the science is evolved enough to predict with certain who wins the global warming lottery, or if there will be any winners.

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Hey Folks,

All this talk of land lately has brought up another land question.  My wife
and I are tired of trying to garden in the current water deprived ice box
that we currently live in.  A 90 day growing season with no soils just isn't
cutting it for us any more.  Sure every place has its challenges, but
certainly some are harder than others.  We have begun to look for a new
place to live and need a few suggestions.  Our desires are as follows:

   - 5 or more acres with a small house for under $250,000 (fixer upper is
   - within 30 minutes of a progressive, sustainable oriented community of
   20,000-100,000 people
   - 30+ inches of precipitation ideally spread throughout the whole year.
   - Ample sun throughout the year
   - decent soils
   - 170+ growing season with potential for easy year round growing (cold
   frames, greenhouse)
   - mild climate (not too hot in summer nor too cold in winter)
   - Can grow and expect a variety of tasty fruit EVERY year unlike the
   every 4-7 years that I currently get.
   - Where the global warming forecasts are unlikely to be drastically
   radical and catastrophic.
   - Topography-I need to be near some variations in topography (ie. mtns,
   valleys, hills, etc)  for my personal well being.  Sorry mid-west and plains

We have visited parts of Oregon that might fit the bill, but I want to keep
my options open and really check out a number of places before really
putting my roots down.  Where is this place that I am searching for?

Josh Robinson
Josh Robinson
Eden on Earth, LLC
(928) 853-9716

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