[permaculture] Re, swales

sals3 sals3 at cox.net
Wed Sep 9 12:39:13 EDT 2009

I live in santa barbara Ca. 7074 Casitas Pass Rd, Carpinteria, Santa 
Barbara, California 93013
. my problem is I planted my trees over 25 years ago and now I find that 
water in my biggest cost. I was wondering if i can put in swales after the 
trees have been planted.  It would be a dream if I can cut down on elec. for 
the well.  my guess would be in the winter when the ground is soft from rain 
I could hand dig swales uphill from a group of trees.  I guess i don't 
understand swales that well but can u do a few trees at a time or even one 
tree at a time or a small line of trees.you think if the trees have been 
there 20 years or so on drip that  roots will be deep enough to suck up 
water from a swales in Santa Barbara.   Do we get enough rain? 

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