[permaculture] Permaculture in Japan?

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Dobar Dan,

This is slightly off subject, but perhaps someone reading this can help with more details, as there is some overlap between biodynamics and permaculture:

In 2006 I attended a workshop on biodynamic farming and the presenter mentioned repeatedly that when you look at a special map of Hiroshima and the surrounding region after the bomb was dropped, you can see radioactive areas everywhere except for one or two farms that were practicing biodynamic farming.

Does this ring a bell with anybody?

And I would definitely visit Fukuoka's place. The last I heard his son was continuing operations organically, though not necessarily using Masanobu's natural farming approach. I would be interested in an update.

Also, look into Kiyokazu Shitara and The Permaculture Centre in Japan near  Fujino, Kanagawa.

ye6k-str at asahi-net.or.jpor try 

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Subject: [permaculture] Permaculture in Japan? (making the most of my time here)

Hi everyone!

I am currently based in Japan (I usually live in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina), close to Hiroshima city, doing a Japanese government-sponsored training programme on "developing sustainable tourism through community based approach". It started on Aug 18 and lasts until Nov 1. (Btw, program is great, organised really well.)

It is quite busy, but weekends and afternoons are mostly free. So I was wondering if you have any suggestions for me, in terms of visiting places or meeting people who are doing things in permaculture and related fields. I have started gaining info on Fukuoka Farming, as I know it was developed on an island relatively near to here. Also, I imagine Japanese experiences in efficient architecture, engineering and and other aspects of sustainable/responsible living are very interesting. I will continue searching of course, but if you have any ideas or contacts for me in the meanwhile, I will appreciate that greatly.

As for me and permaculture generally, I am still quite new in this (and very excited about it!:)). I am involved in several NGOs and businesses in BiH, trying to give my part in bringing positive change. If any members are interested, I am happy to talk more about it! :))

Thanks a lot and best to all!


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