[permaculture] Permaculture Paradise Home for Sale in Colorado

Keith Johnson keithdj at mindspring.com
Wed Sep 2 11:31:44 EDT 2009

Bonnie and Gary at Pikes Peak Permaculture asked me to share this 
PS There may be a need for online classified ads at the Permaculture 
Activist site. If you agree I'd like to hear from you.

Hi folks ~  I'm asking your help to get the word out about our amazing 
and unique home. We're hoping someone will recognize the rare value of 
this abundantly food-producing garden, and will buy it to continue 
what's been established.  There is no other permaculture garden of this 
duration or magnitude in the Pikes Peak region.  The home and garden 
combined is ideal for classes, and we know many people who stand ready 
to teach permaculture and/or organic gardening and other related classes 
if the new buyer wants to do that.  Please forward this to any and all 
"Green" organizations or people who may be interested, in or outside of 
Colorado (they may want to move here).  Thanks so much!    

~ Bonnie and Gary ~ 
Co-Founders, Pikes Peak Permaculture


Bonnie Willow and Gary Deetz are selling their wonderful home on 1/3 
acre. What an opportunity! The land has been organically gardened for 10 
years, permaculture gardened for 7 of those years. It is a certified 
Wildlife Habitat, and has a pond with fountain and a big shed.  It's the 
home base for Pikes Peak Permaculture and many classes have been taught 
in these gardens. 

The gardens perennially produce cherries, apricots, pears, apples, 
currants, and a wide variety of cooking herbs year round (in a spiral 
herb garden).  There are many medicinal herb plants that are huge and 
well-established... comfrey, motherwort, valerian, feverfew, chamomile 
and more.  In the back is a large area of raised beds for annual 
vegetables.  Perennial shasta daisies, yarrow, marigolds, larkspur and 
russian sage and spirea bushes add colorful blossoms throughout the season.

The home itself has 3 bedrooms and 2 full baths upstairs, in addition to 
large kitchen and separate dining area and office/other bedroom area. 
There is a large bay window with amazing views of the sunset over the 
mountain range, looking west. Downstairs is a finished bedroom and 
living room (newly sheetrocked & painted) and a half bath. There is also 
an unfinished basement area for storage, currently a workshop and indoor 
growing area. Wood stove is downstairs, for off-the-grid heating of the 
whole house.

There is a 3 car garage with storage loft above and drive-through rear 
door that gives you truck access to the back yard. There is a good 
workshop area in the garage.

The home has three separate living areas, so this home lends itself to 
being shared. The downstairs could be ideal for workshops, classes, etc. 
Upstairs it's all hardwood floors, and there is a fireplace upstairs and 
a woodstove downstairs. The neighborhood is great, very friendly 
neighbors, and other organic gardens on our street.

More information can be found at Zillow.com 
(enter our address: 1517 Lorraine Street Colorado Springs 80905)
More photos can be found at www.pikespeakpermaculture.org 

If you're interested, call us for the best deal!  719-575-0592

PLEASE FORWARD THIS to anyone who may have an interest in this 
Permaculture Paradise!

Wondering why we're selling? For a variety of reasons, we have decided 
to move to the Asheville North Carolina region. Among our reasons are these:

- 4 seasons of 3 months each. Yes, a 3 month winter!
- A big, thriving Permaculture and organic gardening community, with 
many of our friends living there. Earthaven Community is there, and the 
magazine The Mother Earth News was started there.
- A large, active arts and metaphysics community.
- Virgin forests! Yes, they still exist, in small quantities. The Smokey 
& Blue Ridge Mountains are right there, and their forests are full of life.
- Cockroaches! We miss 'em.
- Lastly and most importantly, Bonnie's family has experienced some big 
changes, and our help and presence is needed. We look forward to a rich 
family life... something we've both been missing.

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