[permaculture] Nutritional health

Lawrence F. London, Jr. venaurafarm at bellsouth.net
Sat Oct 31 03:24:41 EDT 2009

Linda Shewan:
There is an excellent list already on www.soilandhealth.org that covers 
all of these topics and has an active and engaging community as well. 
Plus the library contains excellent free downloads for further research 
etc. Do we really need to reinvent the wheel. I admit they do go 
offtopic a bit into conspiracy theories but the delete key is easy - I 
would just rather not join yet another list!


I am subscribed to the soilandhealth list also and yes it is excellent;
there's no replacement for it.

I have in mind something different, not reinventing an existing wheel
but shaping a new one. There's plenty of reason to do that in a forum
that explores many useful routes to good health, not one accomodating 
threads that stray from the mission at hand, long term health and 
longevity. Of course that can happen here but the array of subjects
that could be explored in detail needs its own forum. Conspiracy 
theories, for example, would have no place there. I think most 
subscribers would appreciate a clean concise ontopic forum to contribute 
to and benefit from, emphasis on the benefits derived, that's what its for.

Regarding food combining for maximum nutrition through maximum digestion 
(some regard all that as hooey, not me) here's a link at the Soil and 
Health Library to their copy of Herbert Shelton's 1951 book:
"Food Combining Made Easy". See especially pages 10 through 30.
This is one of the two best sources of information on food combining I 
know of; the other is Viktoras Kulvinskas' "Survival Into 21st Century";
this book can be found used on the Web at a very reasonable price. It 
also has much valuable information on sprouting. In a sense food 
combining seems to be an umbrella concept in the world of nutrition much 
as permaculture is in the world of man's use of land.

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