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There is an excellent list already on www.soilandhealth.org that covers all of these topics and has an active and engaging community as well. Plus the library contains excellent free downloads for further research etc. Do we really need to reinvent the wheel. I admit they do go offtopic a bit into conspiracy theories but the delete key is easy - I would just rather not join yet another list!


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Scott Pittman wrote:
> I, too, would prefer to keep the Nutrition subject on the main list.  It is
> much easier to navigate past those subjects that don't interest you than
> have to navigate between multiple lists to be sure that you are covering
> your interests.  
> I can see when there is extended interest in machine tools, or scythes that
> there may be a need for an archive or another list but if it falls into the
> general purview of permaculture then it should remain in the general pc list
> serve.
> Bill Mollison's book "Ferment and Human Nutrition" is certainly a good take
> off on this subject and according to Bill is the most important book that he
> wrote.

That's an excellent suggestion, Scott, and I hope subscribers will feel free to
enter into discussion of health issues for Permaculturists here in this list on an ongoing basis.
It would be a good thing, good for everyone.

What I have in mind for a subset list, one on health & nutrition, pchealth, is a flood of tiny to large articles on a 
wide range of related topics. I can imagine that...... hundreds of individual recipes, 20 ways to make kim chee,
how to preserve herbs for tea making, cold remedies, preventive medicine, raw foods, kelp+spelt+foodyeast scone recipes,
why turnip greens are good for you and how to prepare them, sprouts and sprouting, in trays and dirt and in containers,
evaluation of the nutritional philosophies of Kloss, Shelton, Kulvinskas (sprouts) Wigmore (sprouts), Kushi, macrobiotic 
diets, Japanese mactobiotic diets and Japanese foods, Asian foods and food prep, books by Mollison and Katz and others 
on raw dieting and fermented foods, using wheat and barley grass, kitchen equipment and utensils, container kitchen 
garden, fruitarianism, veganism, vegetarianism, lacto-ovo-pesco + vegetarian diets, raw foods versus cooked foods, food 
combinimg for maximum protein and food combining for maximum nutrition from maximum digestion, indoor air quality and 
how to achieve it, attached greenhouses for winter food production, food preserving, how-to, safety and equipment, more 
recipes, Q&A on any & all topics, yet more recipes, food preparation tips and how to and so on and on and on.........
would not be well received here in permaculture, at least not all of it. So for those who have a long term deep interest 
in nutrition and health I could have pchealth created, solely as a subset, secondary forum for open ended discussion, 
Q&A and information exchange. I think there are a few here who would like this (me especially). Cross fertilization of 
ideas and info between these two lists and Permies.com nutrition forums (some of the best I have seen so far) would be 
worthwhile and interesting. Health discussion could start here then migrate, for detailed indepth and tangential 
discussion, to pchealth, and vice versa. I could do a "Best Of" pchealth in one of my websites.

I'll wait for more feedback before starting the new list. If people want open ended health and nutrition conversation 
here, all the better, we can go for that.

Anyway to start the ball rolling what is the best route to heart and artery health (ignoring inherited genetic factors)? 
I think of grass fed meat on occasion [2-5 times (meals] per month), a high fiber diet lots of fresh raw vegetables and 
fruits, maybe muscadine grape seed and skin freeze dried extract. Start early in life with good dietary habits.

What about permaculture professionals and their access to good nutrition while away from home teaching or consulting? 
How many "take a break" from their self-imposed stict dietary regimes when on the road?


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