[permaculture] growing all of your own food

Marjory forestgarden at gvtc.com
Fri Oct 30 06:55:40 EDT 2009

If you want to become self-reliant in growing your own food, this DVD 
tutorial will get you started and be a resource for you to return to 
year after year.  Topics covered are:
-water sources
-home butchering
-perennials (orchards and landscaping).
-and much more

The set comes with a bonus CD ROM full of useful articles and 
information that supports the material in the video.  Only $24.95 for 
the set.  You can purchase it, or see a short 3 minute trailer at 

The video is filmed on-site at our farm in Central Texas.  We are a 
family that has been very concerned about a major collapse in the 
systems we rely upon for basic needs.  We've been researching, 
experimenting, and developing the best methods for getting nutritious 
calories with the least amount of work or money.

Here is what other people have to say about the video:

Dick Pierce - Permaculture Teacher, Austin, TX says "These are great 
people, serious and capable in every project that they take on. The DVD 
is a class act - your vision, design, and implementation will benefit 
from knowing what they did, how they did it, and what they learned. I 
urge all - those with a notion of a dream, those with a vision, those 
who are part-way through, and those that are done that can enjoy 
another's story well-told - to buy one for yourself and for someone who 
could use one."

Jacqui Gates - Bastrop Producers Market Owner, Bastrop, TX - "Fast 
paced, informative, high quality presentation and content.    Very 
useful.    Lots of great information for both beginners and experienced 
gardeners and homesteaders alike.  Worth watching again and again."

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