[permaculture] Nutritional health

Scott Pittman scott at permaculture.org
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I, too, would prefer to keep the Nutrition subject on the main list.  It is
much easier to navigate past those subjects that don't interest you than
have to navigate between multiple lists to be sure that you are covering
your interests.  

I can see when there is extended interest in machine tools, or scythes that
there may be a need for an archive or another list but if it falls into the
general purview of permaculture then it should remain in the general pc list

Bill Mollison's book "Ferment and Human Nutrition" is certainly a good take
off on this subject and according to Bill is the most important book that he


Scott Pittman
Permaculture Institute
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I share Laurence London's interest in discussing nutritional health  
(and the issue of how to maintain health as one ages) with fellow  
permies. Though I can understand why one would be inclined to split  
this off into a separate list, I can also see a pitfall of doing so:  
It perpetuates the widely held myth that permaculture is only about  
farming and gardening; that anything that doesn't fall into these  
categories is "off-topic" on a permaculture list.

As I see it, aging and health and nutrition all fall squarely within  
the realm of building sustainable culture.

That said, I can still see why we would want to have subtopic lists as  
a means of regulating traffic volume.


Jenny / Austin Permaculture Guild, TX, USA

Jenny Nazak
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