[permaculture] Other lists and resources for those interested in appropriate technology

Lawrence F. London, Jr. lflj at bellsouth.net
Thu Oct 29 02:09:16 EDT 2009

Juergen Botz wrote:

> It's a topic I'm very interested in but I'd definitely suggest a separate
> list.  Nutritional health is a very deep and factionalized topic which

I am very interested in such a list, partly to have an archive of select
info resources, like a Twitter or Facebook page but a permanent easy to search & download one.
I looked at Paul's permies.com food and nutrition forums and they are excellent; I plan to
spend plenty of time there, especially in the kim chee area :-). The ibiblio Maiolman lists offer a special kind of 
functionality; they are portable and permanent. After many years running lists there I have come to realize their value. 
I will probably Xpost/forward material from other sources into that list for handy reference use and to stimulate 
discussion. Since you are interested I will go ahead and have this list created; may others will follow, I hope so.
For now I like a short name like pchealth (as in permaculturist health or permaculture and health); permaculturisthealth 
is too long and permiehealth doesn't really work for me but if others like that that is what it will be. For now 
pchealth at lists.ibiblio.org.

I have a lot of questions and suggestions to offer to such a forum and will really be interested in seeing what 
develops. This seems like a great place for nontrivial health news and updates.

> tends to generate a lot of, err, heat in discussion.  Vegie vs carnie,
> raw vs cooked, saturated fat vs un-... the list goes on.  Important as
> these questions are, we really don't want them to drown out more
> basic permacultural issue here.  IMHO.

Agreed. I am open to hearing all sides of debatable issues. I have experience will all types of nutritional regimens
and at this time eat very carefully. Health and nutrition is my business and livelihood, I am a sustainable market 
farmer and grow vegetables for local sales.

Stop by my farm (6 acres) and pick yourself several bushels of delicious turnip greens, Juergen.


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