[permaculture] Transplanting coconut palms

Juergen Botz jurgen at botz.org
Wed Oct 28 05:36:10 EDT 2009

Anyone here has experience with transplanting mature coconut

I have transplanted a few dwarfs and although they survived
and grew, my problem is that immediately after transplanting
they produced too much growth in the crown causing the new
part of the trunk to become drastically thinner.  Once a palm
trunk thins that part will never grow thicker, so you end up
with a palm that is forever limited by the constricted section
of its trunk.

The key should be to slow crown growth and stimulate root
growth at the time of transplanting, but I've found no
information on how to achieve that.  I'm going to experiment,
but I'd love some input from anyone who has experience
with coconuts or other palms in this respect first.  Wild
speculation is also welcome!


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