[permaculture] hand tools. rocket stoves.

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I hope you'll include the hand hoe from Johnny's Seeds among the hand tools:

I was introduced to this tool at Tantre Farm CSA; it apparently is modeled on a Japanese tool (?).  It can be used to slice roots just below the surface for both weeding and harvesting, scoop out soil and bring up quackgrass rhizomes, and make furrows for seeds.  The only disadvantage I found was that its ease of use tempted one to use it for heavier jobs than it was suited for, resulting in breaking off the hoe blade in one instance.

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fdnokes at hotmail.com wrote:
> When will the hand tools be available?

I should have something available this winter.
What kinds of gardening hand tools are you interested in?

I am looking at tools for weeding and tilthing, long and short handled
and seeding rakes, eye hoes for serious weeding and tilthing and eventually
wheeled implements with adjustable, configurable tool bars using welded and machined parts
and garden cart wheels with pneumatic tires on axles, some two wheel, some four wheel.

I am looking for good rocket stove designs for cooking but mostly for heating water in a thermosyphon system with 
elevated storage with gravity flow delivery or pressurized. I would like to build it out of cut segments of thick walled 
steel tubing (.25" or better wall) and factory made weld-ells and/or weld-tees. Instead of encasing the firebox in a bed 
of insulating pebbles or sand I would carve out forms in AAC (Hebel) block to encase the pipes with and seal the joints 
and voids with furnace or refractory cement.


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