[permaculture] Other lists and resources for those interested in appropriate technology

Lawrence F. London, Jr. venaurafarm at bellsouth.net
Sat Oct 24 03:07:20 EDT 2009

For those interested in farm and homestead shop and appropriate 
technology, I have three other lists that I plan on spending a lot more 
time in. They are:

Scythes, Their Use and Maintenance
scythe at lists.ibiblio.org

Appropriate Technology
approtech at lists.ibiblio.org

Machinist & Machine Shop
machinist at lists.ibiblio.org

I read Practical Machinist a lot and constantly download tons of great 
how-to information and external links to useful resources. I will
pump the machinist list, and sometimes the approtech, full of the 
distilled essence of this sort of thing partly to have a quick online 
  ready reference when I need it and to stimulate discussion in the forum.

I have also been thinking about the usefulness of having an ongoing 
thread here in PC that deals with health and longevity for Permies,
or Permaculturists, whichever name you like to use.

Paul's Permies.Com might want to add a forum like this. Preventive 
health, problem solving, longevity and nutrition are topics all of
us deal with on an ongoing basis. This may be of special interest to 
those of us here who are over 50 and who come face to face with health 
and nutitional issues every day. I wonder how much interest there is in
incorporating limited discussion on this topic here. Maybe it is too 
offtopic and should exist in a separate list, something like:
permiehealth or healthypermie ow whatever. If there is enough interest
I will be glad to have this list formed for us. Sample topics could include:
nutrition, food as medicine, recipes, tools and equipment, online 
resources and reference material, services, herbs and their use,
ayurveda and TCM, Japanese macrobiotic, raw foods, sprouts, kraut & kim 
chee & fermented foods, exercise and problem solving

Just a thought....:


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