[permaculture] Donation request for maintenance of thispermaculture list.

Lawrence F. London, Jr. lflj at bellsouth.net
Fri Oct 23 06:55:25 EDT 2009

rafter sass wrote:
> Some walkin' around money coming your way.

> Thanks for all your work, LL.

Thank you Rafter, very much appreciated. I see keeping this list up
as a permaculture project in itself, getting creative with facilitating
development and direction of dialogue, adding to the collective knowledgebase
that is this list's archives.

> And as an added bonus, I found the link to this fantastic George  
> Monbiot article
> while visiting your site!
> http://www.monbiot.com/archives/2009/09/29/the-population-myth/
> Thanks for posting that.

I am going to do a lot more of my work at that blog site. I like
what Google offers in Blogger, especially the custom search engines, linked galleries
and RSS feeds.

> Ahem... are folks who contribute officially immune from getting thrown  
> off,
> next time there is a fracas? ;- )

Of course, of course, Rafter :-); all bets are off though in the case of radical
extremist right wing ideologues bent on leading the masses down paths of destruction; radical extremist politically 
correct progressive liberal left wing socialists are safe from excommunication, they're harmless :-)) and sometimes useful!

Seriously though, I will defer to the subscribership to self-moderate this forum. That's a far better way
to keep things on track. I will use the tools provided by the list software to ensure that self-styled agents 
provocateurs do not deliberately degrade dialogue quality, usurp or coopt the list.

The message archives are kept open for public viewing and Google indexing. I think this brings many new and valuable
subscribers to the forum who otherwise might never know about it.

How can we make the list serve us better and be more useful and informative? Any suggestions? Maybe this is a good topic 
for discussion at this time.



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