[permaculture] David Blume and "Alcohol Can Be A Gas"

Leo Brodie leobro at comcast.net
Tue Oct 20 15:04:24 EDT 2009

Do any of you have any thoughts or experience with David Blume and his advocacy of alcohol (aka ethanol) as fuel? He touts himself as a permaculturist (he owns the domain permaculture.com), and does speak in terms that make some ecological sense (local production, re-applying the mash back to the soil), but I'm not sure it all adds up.

He makes it sound like alcohol burns completely clean, but I've found academic research (e.g http://petroleum.berkeley.edu/patzek/BiofuelQA/Materials/ClimateHealth.pdf) that says otherwise.

I'm asking because I have never heard any mention of his work in Permaculture circles, but if his claims have any merit we should be trying this stuff.

Thanks in advance,
Leo Brodie, Seattle 

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