[permaculture] Donation request for maintenance of this permaculture list.

Jonathan S. Spencer jss at mindspring.com
Tue Oct 20 00:34:49 EDT 2009

Why don't you migrate to a free listserv like a Yahoo! or Gmail group?


> It will continue permanently regardless, not to worry. Thanks to ibiblio for the outstanding hosting.
> My DSL costs + an extra email ID are just at $40 per month. Maybe I spend an hour a month
> handling requests and subscriptions, sometimes more. The bulk of the work & long manhours
> maintaining archives is well behind me so future maintenance needs should be accomplished in
> one to two hours a month for the long haul. I value my time at a minimum rate of $15 per hour.
> I do this same job for the NAFEX and Gardenwriters (GWL) lists plus my own marketfarming
> and seedkeepers forums. PCDB, approtech, machinist, scythe and a few more are such low traffic
> as to not require any attention.
> I am a full time market farmer (sustainable, natural, biointensive) and rely on income from that
> to sustain me financially. This growing season was a disaster; soil tilth problems, weeds, almost
> complete drought and equipment repairs pretty much amounted to a profitless spring and summer.
> Things are beginning to pick up a little now as my greens crop comes in. Next Spring, I should
> be going full tilt.
> Thanks for your interest, Justin.
> Lawrence
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