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Marjory, congratulations. Way to go - it looks awesome. Any publishing
endeavour takes a lot longer than can ever be imagined and then some. So
double congratulations, thanks and thanks to your family as well. My payment
went in today - my DVD arrived today - we're even.

To plug this DVD to our PC Friends locally and nationally - Margory and Dave
were star Permaculture students a few years back - the Design Practicum was
held at their farm. They have been moving into a sustainable, PC, rural
lifeway for over 5 years now - holding workshops, sponsoring guest speakers,
and developing a community of believers as they have worked at and realized
the vision of their Permaculture Design. One after the other have come
chickens, turkeys, rabbits, big water tanks, erosion gabions, fields,
pastures, woodlands, a very diverse orchard of Natives, big veggie
gardens....and lots and lots of experience and lessons along the way.

These are great people, serious and capable in every project that they take
on. The DVD is a class act - your vision, design, and implementation will
benefit from knowing what they did, how they did it, and what they learned.
I urge all - those with a notion of a dream, those with a vision, those who
are part-way through, and those that are done that can enjoy another's story
well-told - to buy one for yourself and for someone who could use one.

Thanks Marjory and Dave and family. A great and valuable product. Glad your
story is told.

Dick Pierce

On Fri, Oct 9, 2009 at 12:49 PM, Marjory <forestgarden at gvtc.com> wrote:

> Hello Everyone,
> We took off from teaching this year to turn the food production workshop
> into a DVD foramt. We are starting to sell in limited quantities to
> 'friendly' users. The website has just recently gone live. Check it out
> at www.backyardfoodproduction.com.
> Cheers,
> Marjory
> This video set is for those seeking self-reliance in growing their own
> food. The project was developed by a family that depends on these
> systems for a significant part of their diet. The techniques used are
> drawn from organic gardening, permaculture, agroforestry, indigenous
> teachings, historical anecdotes, and missionary work in developing
> countries.
> The set includes a DVD with over 110 minutes of video, and a bonus CD
> ROM with some 60+ documents that support and complement the information
> on the DVD. The DVD is a video tutorial covering the following topics:
> Table of Contents
> Section 1: Overview
> Why we began this journey
> Soil types and climate of the site
> Section 2: Water
> Water sources and qualities of water
> How much water do you need?
> Rain water collection systems
> Wells
> Ponds
> Section 3: Garden
> Garden location
> Size -- how much area do you need?
> Bio-Intensive gardening overview
> Fertility
> Watering the garden
> Wind
> Sun and shade
> Bugs and insects
> Vegetable varieties and seed saving
> Getting started
> Section 4: Rabbits
> Housing and protection
> Watering systems
> Feeding
> Breeds
> Reproduction
> Other resources
> Section 5: Home Butchering
> Tools
> Butchering a rabbit
> Tanning hides
> Butchering poultry
> Other animals
> Section 6: Poultry
> Chicken breeds
> Feeding
> Watering
> Housing and egg collecting
> Predator protection
> Getting started
> Section 7: Dogs
> Why dogs? - work dogs can do
> Dog training
> Feeding
> Housing
> Size and breeds
> Final thoughts
> Section 8: Perennials: Orchards, Food Forests, and Edible Landscaping
> Locations and micro climates
> Watering
> Fertility
> Using geese for fertility
> Tree varieties
> Planting and care of trees
> Getting started
> Section 9: Other Essentials
> Calorie crops
> Solar food dehydration
> Home made herbicide test
> Fire ants
> Injuries
> Hog panels and tee posts
> Water levels and mapping contours
> Rocket stove and hay box cooker
> In The Wake; a manual for outliving civilization
> Propagating leuceana.
> Section 10: Credits and Acknowledgments
> The bonus CD ROM contains pdf files that are mac and pc compatible and
> includes documents that support and complement the information on the
> video. Topics covered are water systems, gardening, composting, seed
> saving, rabbits, poultry, aquaculture, propagating plants, recipes, a
> permaculture design manual, useful plants, wild foods, solar food
> dehydrating, and much, much more.
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