[permaculture] 3-Day Soil Building and Water Management Course, Nov 1-3 Aromas, California, in the Salinas Valley

Wesley Roe and Santa Barbara Permaculture Network lakinroe at silcom.com
Fri Oct 9 03:19:16 EDT 2009

Dear Permies,
Here's a chance to further your permaculture 
training in a 3-day course with Australian 
permaculture master Darren Doherty and the 
Regenerative Design Institute's Penny 
Livingston-Stark for $100! Funding from the 
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration 
(NOAA) is allowing RDI to bring this course to 
Salinas Valley growers - and to you as well. The 
course will be presented in Spanish and English.

The course covers a series of innovative soil 
building and water management techniques 
originally developed in Australia, including the 
keyline plow, which increases soil health and 
moves water across the landscape in a way that is 
protective of ecosystems and habitats. These 
carbon sequestration techniques can help address 
aspects of global warming and climate change 
while improving soil health, conserving water, 
and even increasing yields. Instruction includes 
an overview of the principles as well as hands-on 
opportunities in the field to use survey and 
design tools, test plowing techniques and design 
individualized systems.

Building and Water Management Systems
Offered: November 1-3â*¨
Location: Aromas, California, in the Salinas Valley
â*¨Instructors: Darren Doherty, Penny Livingston-Stark, Lisa Lurie, Ken Oster

The course will be held at the Aromas Grange, in 
Aromas, CA (at the corner of Bardue Street and 
Rose Avenue in Aromas) and the demonstration site 
is ALBA's MMM Ranch in Elkhorn Slough, CA.

The course is sponsored by NOAA National Marine 
Sanctuary, ALBA (Agriculture & Land-Based 
Training Association), the Regenerative Design 
Institute, and NRCS (National Resource 
Conservation Service).

The Regenerative Design Institute has more information:
â*¨(415) 868-9681
â*¨info at regenerativedesign.org

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