[permaculture] new ebook available

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Thu Oct 8 14:27:10 EDT 2009

The following ebook has been made available by the Project Gutenberg

"Fungi: Their Nature and Uses by M. C. Cooke"


originally published in 1875 
the table of contents below;

I. 	Nature of Fungi. 	1
II. 	Structure. 	17
III 	Classification 	64
IV. 	Uses. 	82
V. 	Notable Phenomena. 	105
VI. 	The Spore and Its Dissemination. 	119
VII. 	Germination and Growth. 	137
VIII.  Sexual Reproduction. 	163
IX. 	Polymorphism. 	182
X. 	Influences and Effects. 	209
XI. 	Habitats. 	233
XII. 	Cultivation. 	253
XIII.  Geographical Distribution. 	266
XIV. 	Collection and Preservation. 	287
	Index. 	295


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