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Thank the mighty forces that created us and keep us live for Joe and Sal!
Read this.
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Subject: Re: [SANET-MG] Glyphosate  application and drift interfer with  crop mineral uptake
Date: Tue, 6 Oct 2009 18:19:45 -0700
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you have not seen nothing yet.they are doing trees micro organisms nothing
is out of reach when you can own life forms you make it the lab. they take
genes from any where even humans and mix them with the plants dna and thus
they can own the life.  now make them clean it up they own it.  find the
gene in that pig weed and have the owners pay to clean it up and let them
know that you can't clean it up . its alive.   to much money they are more
powerful than the government.

did you see the pig weed on the news.  its not nice to fool mother nature.
its all that gmo stuff.  I don't want to say we told you so.  money wins
every time in our government.

money talks not u Joe.  I'm glad you still fighting the good fight.   say it
ant so Joe.  u been telling them for years its going to take more than the
pig weed that eats land
see the news on TV . who owns that pig weed its man made.   they will not
stop till they pollute the whole earth.  the congress owns shares of stock
they are inside traders.  its is a money pit. the golden rule he  that has
the gold rules.  to bad so sad.  you have not seen nothing yet.  were
talking about taking genes from any where and mixing up life on earth
changing dna without know anything about what they are doing .  and saying
it just like breeding.  .the usda the fda they are pushing these
abominations on the whole earth and when whole countries say NO  they  force
them to take it like they force us to take it. they will not label. u have
not seen nothing yet.  you can't stop nature they are changing life as we
knew it.  get ready for all kinds of surprises like this.  can u eat gmo pig
weed?  I hope so .  the only way it looks like they can get rid of this
stuff is the old fashion way hoe. Monsanto's Frankencrops Spread
Herbicide-Resistant Pigweed Across the
Southern States


when will they ever learn when will they ever learn
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Subject: Glyphosate application and drift interfer with crop mineral uptake

> The article below may be of some interest to organic farmers who farm in 
> locations in the vicinity of roundup ready crops  where sub lethal drift 
> of glyphosate may be encountered. The study also raises questions about 
> the food and feed nutritional value of  rr crops.
> J Agric Food Chem. 2009 Sep 25. in press
>    Effects of Glyphosate Application on Seed Iron and Root Ferric (III) 
> Reductase in Soybean Cultivars.
>    Bellaloui N, Reddy KN, Zablotowicz RM, Abbas HK, Abel CA.
>    Previous research demonstrated that plant nutrient assimilation was 
> reduced by glyphosate (Gly). A 2 year field experiment investigated the 
> effects of Gly at drift rate (12.5% of commercial use rate) on Fe 
> concentrations in leaves and seeds of Gly-sensitive (GS) soybean, and a 
> greenhouse experiment evaluated Gly effects on Fe assimilation using root 
> in vivo ferric reductase activity (FRA) in two GS and one Gly-resistant 
> (GR) soybean cultivars. Field studies showed that Gly drift rates resulted 
> in a significant decrease in the Fe concentration in seeds and leaves 
> compared to the nontreated plants. In greenhouse studies, leaf Fe and FRA 
> were inhibited in GS cultivars Hutcheson and DP 5110 and the GR cultivar 
> AG 4604RR and leaf Fe was positively correlated with root FRA (p < 
> 0.0001). These results indicate that Gly can interfere with Fe 
> assimilation in both GS and GR soybean. Understanding the implication of 
> Gly on Fe nutrition in soybean seed would help soybean agronomists and 
> breeders seeking to improve seed mineral nutrition qualities.

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