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Dear Friends of the Earth,

Heard of Gaia University?

It's an an action-learning based institution for higher learning  
rooted in the Permaculture ethics offering bachelors, masters and post- 
graduate degrees for action-learning project work in personal,  
cultural, and planetary transformation.

Check it out.

-Living Mandala



Gaia University Orientation & Degree Programs

Integrative EcoSocial Design / Organizing Learning for EcoSocial  
Regeneration / Open Topic

Hosted by the Sustainable Farm Institute, U.S. Virgin Islands

Dec 1 - 13, 2009

For more information visit www.gaiauniversity.org

What is Gaia University?

Gaia University is a growing institution for higher learning with a  
unique approach.  Our students ('associates') are able to earn  
accredited Bachelors & Masters degrees and Graduate Diplomas while  
actively engaged in self and planetary transformation and ecosocial  

How it Works

Gaia U is based on a methodology called Action Learning and is guided  
by the principles of Earth Care, People Care, & Fair Share.  Within  
that framework, associates work on self-selected, self-directed  
projects anywhere in the world they choose, documenting their outcomes  
and learning process along the way.  Throughout their program, they  
are supported by an international network of learning providers,  
advisors and mentors and a collaborative online e-learning environment.

Cultivating World Changers

By fusing passion and vision with self-directed practical experience,  
associates initiate and nurture local and global sustainability,  
regeneration, justice and peace. At the same time, they refine their  
skills and deepen their experience to become more effective world  

Degree Programs

Integrative EcoSocial Design (IESD) BSc, MSc, GD*
For those wanting to integrate ecological and social aspects of design  
into projects that focus on ecosystems, societies, communities,  
technologies, and personal lifestyles.

Organizing Learning for EcoSocial Regeneration (OLE) MSc, GD
For those interested in applied organizational learning and design.  
Some people focus on the development of a GU regional center as their  
primary project.

Open Topic (OT) BSc, MSc, GD
For those who are working at a strategic level as world changers and  
want to design their own program topic.

*GD  Post Masters Graduate Diploma


Orientation Workshop: Dec 1-8, 2009
Extension Workshop (IESD & OLE): Dec 9 - 13, 2009
Closing workshop year: Dec, 2010
Closing workshop year 2 & Gradutation: Dec, 2011

Re-evaluation Counseling Fundamentals

Workshop (optional, open to the public): Dec 14 - 17, 2009

Venue: Sustainable Farm Institute, U.S. Virgin Islands

The Virgin Islands Sustainable Farm Institute is over one hundred  
acres of rolling green hills and valleys nestled in the highlands of  
the northwest corner of St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands. VISFI  
promotes the development of agroecology: an innovative field of  
agriculture that enjoins productivity with resource conservation by  
using ecological and indiginous management models to create  
sustainable life systems. We believe local, organic agriculture and a  
practical educational experience are the first steps toward building  
vital communities and achieving long term sustainability within a  
healthy environment. These beliefs have led us to the establishment of  
our Four Pillars: Education, Sustainability, Community, and  
Environment. We use these focal points to guide decisions that will  
promote our farm’s vision. For more information visit www.visfi.org

Instructors & Facilitators

The Orientation will be lead by Gaia University co-founders and co- 
presidents - Andrew Langford and Liora Adler.

Andrew Langford and Liora Adler have spent the last 35 years working  
to create projects and tools to address the personal, social, and  
global transformation of our times.

Andrew brought Permaculture to the UK in 1986 and initiated the  
Permaculture Association of Britain, as well as the Permaculture  
Diploma WorkNet upon which the design of Gaia University is based. He  
has been active in the European permaculture and ecovillage networks,  
is a member of the European Permaculture Council and has served on the  
European Council of the Global Ecovillage Network.

Liora has focused on the human architecture underlying ecovillages and  
other social change groups. She has shared her experience and  
knowledge in 30 countries, as a member of the Board of Directors of  
the Global Ecovillage Network, its representative to the UN, and as a  
co-founder of two ecovillage projects in Latin America, Huehuecoyotl  
Ecovillage in Mexico and La Caravana Arcoiris por la Paz, a mobile  
project now, ending after 12 years.

Andrew Langford, MSc and PCDip
Gaia University Co-founder and President - www.gaiauniversity.org
Founder of the Permaculture Association of Britain and lead designer  
of the Permaculture Diploma WorkNet - www.permaculture.org.uk
Global Village Institute, Board Member - www.i4at.org

Alejandra Liora Adler. MEd.
Gaia University Co-Founder and President - www.gaiauniversity.org
Global Ecovillage Network International Advisory Council and UN  
Representative - www.ecovillage.org
Global Village Institute Vice-President - www.i4at.org
Bioregional Coordinating Council - www.bioregional-congress.org

Listen to Andrew & Liora on Visionary Culture Radio

Listen to Andy & Liora on Visionary Culture discussing Gaia  
University, Ecovillages, Transition Towns, & Action-Learning

More Information

To apply for and register in these programs, please visit: www.gaiauniversity.org
e-mail: info at gaiauniversity.org

Find Gaia University on Facebook
Follow Gaia University on Twitter: http://twitter.com/Gaia_University
Visit Gaia University on the Transition Towns Network - http://transitionus.ning.com/group/gaiauniversity

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