[permaculture] the next generation of Pc Design resources.

Lawrence F. London, Jr. venaurafarm at bellsouth.net
Sun Nov 29 19:34:05 EST 2009

christophe mckeon gonzalez de leon wrote:
> thanks for the link lawrence. i've got a whole bunch
> of new resources we can tap, but i'll post all that stuff
> up at the pcdb list instead soon.

I'll be interested in seeing them. Far out ideas are worth the time; 
never know what positive directions they might lead.

All the world's newly-enlightened refugee politicians will be looking 
for new lives outside the bubble; there needs to be a greeting party 
handing out PC brochures and free samples of bounty from sustainable 
homesteads welcoming them to the world of permaculture.

> just reread the post that started this thread. there
> are some great ideas in there. i'll try to get some
> collaborative tools up soon, even if they are only
> temporary, so everybody can start modeling this stuff.

Right on! I think this the route to a collaborative global resource.

We need file uploads and the ability for users to manage their static 
file display, i.e. information and graphics collections, which if 
integrated into our "database" needs to be managable by them.

What do you think about using ibiblio for webspace?

What about the new copyright legislation pending internationally
(EU, UK, USA and probably Canada)? ibiblio is way on top of all this but 
it still may be a big factor to have to deal with. Lets hear it for open 

I am keeping my hand in on www.ibiblio.org/permaculture
for some sort of future use. At one point I figured out how to
configure and manage MediaWiki after someone creates the MySQL database 
tables for me, permissions, etc. I can do original installations of 
WordPress and BBPress as they are not difficult. In the existing 
installation of Wordpress we (a volunter programmer from this list and 
I) were trying to offer user accounts in WordPress and make those logins
provide transparent access to MediaWiki. Maybe this is not possible and 
needs to be reconsidered. I ran a single line BBS in the 80's and 90's. 
At one point I had a front end mailer (Front Door, for mail and news 
to-from the FIDO network) integrated with the BBS proper, Remote Access, 
which had gateways (doors) to other BBS packages running within, VBBS 
and Magpie; the author of Magpie even wrote a patch for me to be able to 
run Magpie in RA. It all worked. Then came Internet ftp, gopher, telnet, 
email, news and Unix then the Web, http and Linux.

More later..


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