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hi Frances

sorry, I havent got time for much of a respone, you might find these
interesting, useful and/or insulting
The Corporate Climate Coup

The Climate Hacker - LANGUAGE WARNING

my take on the great Climate Change Circus aka COP15 is looking like a
really noisy place

news from the Climate Circus

   - Climategate (leaked emails) have given climate change denialists a huge
   - a militant faction of activists (so called anarchists, probably of the
   "smash civilization" anarcho-primitivist variety) a group called NTAc (never
   trust a cop) have put out inflammatory videos - and seem to want to turn Dec
   into a big street battle
   - a dodgy Carbon Trading regime has just been passed in Australia
   - the shadow banking system will have a field day establishing a global
   climate finance architecture
   - the Climate Camp TV crew, may or may not, be at Klimaforum
   - Climate Change is real and getting worse

through this noise, I am trying to raise funds, find accomodation and most
importantly focus on the Klimaforum09 coverage

I am trying to focus on the Planetary Permaculture Saving the World angle..

thats my take on Copenhagen


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> Sorry, have not kept up with local discussion.
> Have been involved on this topic in emails elsewhere.
> Here is my understanding of Copenhagen:
> another attempt to usurp our rights and freedoms at the same time as it
> takes away national sovereignty.
> They are using the end (global warming) as an excuse to pass draconian
> means
> (here is where they put in laws that take away your rights and freedoms and
> allow the police to act on behalf of the ones that can afford to pay the
> piper.
> They are greenwashing -- using the green movement to push for the changes
> that will give the means towards further structures of world government
> without representation.  And also, the power to act without recourse,
> without need to justify, explain or excuse. In short, legislated
> lawlessness.
> In Canada, it's called bill c-6.  Globally, it has been Codex.
> And now, globally, a new initiative which cleverly takes the inward looking
> greens who only want to be good citizens to build their next overarching
> superstructure with which to censor new initiatives and maintain the status
> quo.
> Remember, they don't have to explain why.
> Look to the means.
> Read the fine print.
> And never support laws that would enact a loss of freedoms.
> Once again, we are witnessing an incredible piece of post 9/11 legislation
> in our post 9/11 world.
> What is it with certain scientific theories that they achieve a level of
> religion? What is so untouchable about climate change and what is causing
> it? Why do we assume that its scientists, unlike the scientists for big
> pharma, would be beyond corruption?
> Hello?  Anyone awake out there?
> The time for political bigotry is over. Tis time to judge each issue on its
> merits. Regardless of who speaks for or against.
> In short, it's time to wake up, and stop being idle followers, and start,
> to
> think for ourselves!
> Frances

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