[permaculture] mobile apps and the next generation of Pc Design resources.

Evan Schoepke thejulianeffect at gmail.com
Tue Nov 24 22:55:05 EST 2009

Permaculture goes mobile....

I am currently tyring to contact some rad smart phone app developers who
would be interested in making permaculture themed applications.  Imagine if
you could see your design on the landscape before you implement it through
an augmented reality app that is also integrated with GIS.  An interactive
and visual permaculture library that could rely on some of datasets already
established (PFtF ect) I think would also be greatly appreciated.  Clear set
by step illustrated  instructions with playback features for various
permaculture related constructions might also be a big hit.  All of these
ideas and the others already mentioned have merit and hopefully will be
developed in the near future.  Lets keep each other updated and perhaps we
can get a larger digital permaculture working group together with a good
number of dedicated and knowledgeable participants.  What do folks think?

~gaia punk
The obstacle is the Path.
-Zen Proverb

I write at www.punkrockpermaculture.com

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