[permaculture] Roadkill Workshop in Central Texas

Marjory forestgarden at gvtc.com
Thu Nov 19 11:38:43 EST 2009

Workshop on how to use roadkill

If you are looking for some creative ways to feed your family on a 
budget, yet want quality, wholesome food, consider attending this 
workshop.  We will be teaching how to judge the edibility of a dead 
animal on the road and guide you through the experience of skinning and 
cleaning.   Techniques for cooking and drying the meat also presented.  
Discussion and demonstration of using all parts of a deer (and other 
animals) including the skins, antlers, sinews, etc.  Class will be 2 - 4 
hours depending on what everyone brings in on their way to class.  Get 
up early that morning and see what you can find.  Class will be held 
outdoors (a covered barn) and is a hands-on experience so dress 
appropriately and bring a sharp knife (hopefully at least one of us will 
find something that morning).  Cost is $35 per student.  Size will be 
limited.  Starts at 9 am on Sunday Dec. 6, 2009.  Location is about an 
hour drive SE of Austin.  To register, look under the 'workshops' tab of 
The workshop will be led by Red Louvish who is a professional brain 
tanner living in the Austin, TX area.  A strong interest in free food 
led to a specialization in roadkill processing, and a growing supply of 
deer hides got him interested in brain tanning.  His other work as a 
courier provides a natural compatibility with finding and using animals 
on the road.  Red teaches roadkill processing and advanced brain tanning 
techniques at the Rabbitstick and Wintercount primitive skills gatherings.


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