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Evan Schoepke thejulianeffect at gmail.com
Wed Nov 18 18:43:47 EST 2009

  Answer Votes Yes, certainly it will benefit Tagari, Bill Mollison,
permaculture, and the earth!
 Perhaps there can be a compromise (sliding scale donation) for the digital
 Other (see below<http://punkrockpermaculture.wordpress.com/wp-admin/admin.php?page=polls&action=results&poll=2241959#other-answers-results>
 No, silly permie punk anarchist should just write their own silly free
 Whatever, I just got a free copy off some bit torrent and now I'm planting
 Yes, but perhaphs it will be bad for Tagari but good for the earth and
 Only if Bill says so
 No, there is no ecological crisis lets just continue business as usual....
  Other Answer Votes I believe the internet should be free and holding on
too tightly isn't healthy! 1 It's unethical to steal peoples work. 1 There's
a difference between "free as in speech", and "free as in lunch" 1 if it's
not yours to give away, yuo have no business giving it away. 1 do not take
what does not belong to you without specific permission 1 It is a travisty
and a quantum sin to commercialise learning about permaculture 1 I shared a
story with Bill and got a PDM free in return 1 Yes, Free Access to
Knowledge! 1 Whatever works for you as a superempowered individual! 1
is for everyone regardless of money; not some middle class hobby 1
-- For all who is curious, these are the results of a poll regarding the
distribution of a free or sliding scale digital version of the Permaculture
Designers Manual.

~evan (@gaiapunk)

The obstacle is the Path.
-Zen Proverb

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