[permaculture] Intellectual property

Andrew French alienbuddha at gmail.com
Sun Nov 15 19:03:37 EST 2009

I have no idea what to put for the subject header, but perhaps this works.

I think that the PDM  is an expensive book, and a PDC is an expensive course
to take. Yet, the expense is simply a symbolic gesture that you take
permaculture concepts seriously. Isn't that what college is all about,
basically? Putting up the PDM for free on the internet is probably an
ethically poor decision. I am an artist and writer as well as a
permaculturalist, and it is hard work to produce anything substantial. A
person should be paid for his/her work, bottom line. I have a pretty low
income, but a bought a DM and took a PDC because I felt like it was
important to do so, a life decision I suppose. Permaculture in theory is one
thing, in teaching situations it is another, but in practice, good lord, it
is a powerful experience, to feel polycultures around you and understand
that your computer is powered by the sun..

The most important thing is to do something, I think. But taking somebody
else's hard work and posting it for free on the internet is not doing
anything, I don't think. Especially if the sales from that book fund
important permaculture organizations. It is basically stealing, I guess.
Maybe whoever it was who posted the book online should go ahead and write
his own book, and then perhaps I'll just post it online for free because
that is the righteous thing to do. Whatever, man.

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