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> this from a recent BOINGBOING post  (which simply verifies a number of  
> other studies of the same ilk)..
> Heavy illegal downloaders buy more music
> http://boingboing.net/2009/11/01/heavy-illegal-downlo.html

I wonder if at some future date Bill would allow Google to host a digital copy of his Designer's Manual in their 
Library; maybe someone should ask him. That would be the most important place for it to be, if online. See Partner 
Program below for other possibilities.


Google Books

Google has reached a groundbreaking agreement with authors and publishers.

Important Update: On November 13, 2009, the parties filed with the Court an Amended Settlement Agreement and a motion 
for preliminary approval of the amended settlement. The parties' motion also seeks Court approval of a Supplemental 
Notice, which, if approved, will be sent out in early December 2009. If you're an author, publisher, or copyright 
holder, please visit the settlement administration site for information.

Three years ago, the Authors Guild, the Association of American Publishers and a handful of authors and publishers filed 
a class action lawsuit against Google Books.

Today we're delighted to announce that we've settled that lawsuit and will be working closely with these industry 
partners to bring even more of the world's books online. Together we'll accomplish far more than any of us could have 
individually, to the enduring benefit of authors, publishers, researchers and readers alike.

It will take some time for this agreement to be approved and finalized by the Court. For now, here's a peek at the 
changes we hope you'll soon see.

    1. Book Search today
    2. How Book Search will change
    3. Three types of books
    4. The Book Rights Registry
    5. Libraries and universities
    6. Looking forward


About Google Books
Google has reached a groundbreaking agreement with authors and publishers.

Search the full text of Books
Find the perfect book for your purposes and discover new ones that interest you.

Book Search works just like web search. Try a search on Google Books or on Google.com. When we find a book with content 
that contains a match for your search terms, we'll link to it in your search results.
Browse books online
If the book is out of copyright, or the publisher has given us permission, you'll be able to see a preview of the book, 
and in some cases the entire text. If it's in the public domain, you're free to download a PDF copy. Learn more about 
the different views.
Learn more -- fast
We've created reference pages for every book so you can quickly find all kinds of relevant information: book reviews, 
web references, maps and more. See an example.
Buy the book ... or borrow it from the library
If you find a book you like, click on the "Buy this book" and "Borrow this book" links to see where you can buy or 
borrow it.
Where do the books come from?
Currently, we are connecting readers with books in two ways: the Partner Program and the Library Project.

New! Search for magazine content on Google Book search. Find out how »

Are you a publisher or author? Find out how you can promote your books on Google for free.
Currently, we are connecting readers with books in two ways: the Partner Program and the Library Project.

Partner Program
Google has reached a groundbreaking agreement with authors and publishers.
If you're an author, publisher, or copyright holder, please visit the settlement administration site for information.
Promote your books on Google for free
You'd sell a lot more books if a lot more people knew about them. We can help make that happen.
Help users discover your books
By matching the content in your books with user searches, Google Books connects your books with the users who are most 
interested in buying them.
Keep your content protected
Users are able to preview a limited number of pages to determine whether they've found what they're looking for.
Drive book sales
Links to bookstores, online retailers, and your website make it easy for users to go from browsing to buying -- with new 
ways to buy and access your books coming soon.

Google Books Library Project – An enhanced card catalog of the world's books

We're working with several major libraries to include their collections in Google Books and, like a card catalog, show 
users information about the book, and in many cases, a few snippets – a few sentences to display the search term in 
What's the goal of this project?
The Library Project's aim is simple: make it easier for people to find relevant books – specifically, books they 
wouldn't find any other way such as those that are out of print – while carefully respecting authors' and publishers' 
copyrights. Our ultimate goal is to work with publishers and libraries to create a comprehensive, searchable, virtual 
card catalog of all books in all languages that helps users discover new books and publishers discover new readers.


Google Book Search
 From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Developer(s) 	Google
Operating system 	Any (web based application)
Type 	Online Library Book Search
Website 	http://books.google.com/

Google Book Search is a service from Google that searches the full text of books that Google scans, converts to text 
using optical character recognition, and stores in its digital database. The service was formerly known as Google Print 
when it was introduced at the Frankfurt Book Fair in October 2004. When relevant to a user's keyword search, up to three 
results from the Google Book Search index are displayed above search results in the Google Web Search service 
(google.com). A user may also search just for books at the dedicated Google Book Search service. Clicking a result from 
Google Book Search opens an interface in which the user may view pages from the book as well as content-related 
advertisements and links to the publisher's website and booksellers. Through a variety of access limitations and 
security measures, some based on user-tracking, Google limits the number of viewable pages and attempts to prevent page 
printing and text copying of material under copyright.[1]

The Google Book Search database continues to grow. Google Book Search allows public-domain works and other 
out-of-copyright material to be downloaded in PDF format. For users outside the United States, though, Google must be 
sure that the work in question is indeed out of copyright under local laws. According to a member of the Google Book 
Search Support Team, "Since whether a book is in the public domain can often be a tricky legal question, we err on the 
side of caution and display at most a few snippets until we have determined that the book has entered the public domain."[2]

Many of the books are scanned using the Elphel 323 camera[3][4] at a rate of 1,000 pages per hour.[5]

The initiative has been hailed for its potential to offer unprecedented access to what may become the largest online 
corpus of human knowledge[6][7] and promoting the democratization of knowledge[8], but it has also been criticized for 
potential copyright violations.[8][9]

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