[permaculture] Intellectual property

Lawrence F. London, Jr. venaurafarm at bellsouth.net
Sun Nov 15 08:19:12 EST 2009

Ossi Kakko wrote:
> Hi,
>    A PDF-copy of the manual might well be useful f.e. while traveling the
> tribal population as the book itself is way too heavy to carry and
> could easily be damaged as paper is not as durable for weather as palm
> leaves are.   However, my experience from eastern India is that people
> who are fluent enough to read english and have access to land are rare
> and people generally have no access to internet, especially if living
> outside of monetary economy.   I strongly doubt that posting a link for
> .PDF-file in a website would automatically reach majority of the people
> who have no access to the manual anyway.

But it would reach the majority of people who _can_ afford to purchase a 
hard copy of the book, Mollison's targeted customers, but might be 
tempted to or would definitely download their free copy if made easily 
accessable to them, while at the same time it is available as free PDF 
to low income people who would not own a copy otherwise, then again,
if they can access the Web with a computer why couldn't they just 
purchase a legitimate copy for themselves or for a group. Then there are 
also those who would _sell_ pirated copies.

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