[permaculture] Intellectual property

Leo Brodie leobro at comcast.net
Sat Nov 14 01:23:18 EST 2009

> ...if somebody comes and takes the farmer's harvest, the farmer no longer
has a harvest, if somebody copies the farmer's pdf files, the farmer
*still has* the pdf files. granted, if the farmer is making a living
through the sale of the work it gets more complicated, but it is still
a fundamentally different problem, because the very nature of
information is ephemeral.

Yes it *does* get more complicated, because even if the "farmer still has the pdf files," their *value* has been diminished by the theft. Taken to its logical extension, that rationale could produce a million free copies, and no money in the farmer's pocket to reward his efforts. 

I do agree with you that creative ways exist to offer content for free and still make money. I made one of my own books available under a Creative Commons license so that anyone download it for free, and I still make some money selling hard copies on Amazon.com. But as many people on this thread have said, that needs to be the author's choice, not the choice of a third party.

Good conversation,

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