[permaculture] Copyright Infringement on PERMACULTURE: A Designers' Manual

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This is bullshit rationalization and crass appeal to commercialization as an
excuse for you to continue to have entitlement issues and force Tagari to
appease them. It is not your place to decide for any author, nor for all the
permie world, that it is okay to pirate copyrighted works. Mind your place. 

You are a pirate and I will do everything I can do to help Tagari sue you
until your eyeballs bleed.

How bloody goddamned dare you attempt to hijack an author's work so you can
get political street cred in the permie world?


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Dear Tagari,

On behalf Punk Rock Permaculture thank you for quickly replying to my
letter.  I agree that Bill, Tagari, and the entire Permaculture Institute
need and deserve as much revenue and funding as possible.  I also thank
Tagari for all the desperately needed work it's doing to make
permaculture accessible to the developing world and many low income folks.
 It is exactly because of my desire to see a fruitful and prosperous
permaculture network and thus a fruitful and prosperous Tagari that I
disagree completely* and respectfully in regards to your previous letter.  I
feel Tagari would sell many more books once the manual could be made
easily accessible in many languages.  I can see that Tagari is in a position
to keep to business as usual.  Unfortunately, (and perhaps fortunately) the
world is not!  Please see this video of famed blogger, and post scarcity
guru,  Cory Doctorow on why being open pays.  I will continue to work and
advocate for the release (or re-release) of the designers manual onto the
net simply because I also ardently believe in earth care, people care, and
fair share and I know permaculture is set of ideas whose time has come.
 Sometimes progress looks punk...

P.S. I look forward to reading Ferment and Human Nutrition at a affordable
price, again thank you very much and keep up the awesome work.

Cory Doctorow being introduced by the founder of Ibiblio which hosts the
international permaculture network list serve..
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