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Fri Nov 13 11:51:50 EST 2009

A great follow-on note - thank you. Appreciate your swinging
the focus to the needs and abilities of low/no income groups, esp. outside
of the US, to access, read, and pay for a revised/replacement PC Design
Manual. My intent was to include these folks as a major focus - you did it
well for us. Thanks.

Any new effort would/should involve investigation/decisions on the best
media (plural - web, net, disk, paper), the major languages, the creation or
translations, the structure/organization, and the packaging (for instance,
by eco-region/biome - to cut down on size, cost, price, # translations - to
max. applicability, availability). It would also certainly involve
discussion/decisions as to the intelectual property - ownership, funding,
copyrights, royaltiesand what is public and what is private domain.

This adds up to a daunting pre-task on top of an already massive effort, but
I think it important to put the need/idea out there - so that the right
group(s), coming along at the right time, with the right/sufficient
resources, skills and passion will know what is needed. Since, to me, a main
use of the Design Manual is as a guide and a reference for the "72-Hour
Permaculture Design Course", perhaps a smaller re-designed Design Manual,
with the PDC Course as its focus, and with perhaps regional companion
book[let]s could be envisioned. This does put us back to the equally
challenging task of updating, rewriting, and agreeing on the
outline/curriculum guidance for the 72-hour PDC Course. My copy of the PC
Design Course Handbook [Outline] has no visible copyright notice (it's from
PC Institute, Tasmania; Mollison, Slay, Jeaves, Editors; revised/updated

So much to do - so little time, resource to agree with it and do it. But it
is valuable, I feel, to have the concept out there for discussion and if
enough people want/need it bad enough, it will find a way to [eventually]

Regards to all,

Dick Pierce

On Thu, Nov 12, 2009 at 8:47 PM, Ben Martin Horst <ben.martinhorst at gmail.com
> wrote:

> On Thu, Nov 12, 2009 at 1:53 PM, Dick Pierce <dickpiercedesigns at gmail.com
> >wrote:
> >
> > - borrow a copy - from the library (ask them to get it for you on
> > inter-lib.
> > loan)
> >
> >
> This suggestion has been made a number of times, and it is an excellent
> one.
> However, it does assume that we're talking about an Overdeveloped Nation
> (aka "First World") situation. I'm frankly not as worried about the very
> significant cost of the Designer's Manual for those of us living in wealthy
> countries. Poverty is certainly a concern here as well, but I managed to
> purchase a copy of the book and put myself through a (admittedly
> bargain-basement, though very quality) PDC while working minimum wage temp
> jobs, and if people are really interested, they can find a way to make it
> happen. But what of the rest of the world, where monetary resources in
> particular are few and far between? Putting the manual online is only a
> partial solution there as well, since access to the internet is spotty and
> out of the economic reach of most of the population.
> I'm curious to hear from those of you working in permaculture outside of
> North America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. Is there a significant
> demand for the Manual or other permaculture works? How about a demand for
> translated versions of these works? If such a demand exists, how can the
> international permaculture community start meeting this demand?
> Thanks,
> Ben
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