[permaculture] Creative Commons Permaculture Book

Richard Archer permaculture at juggernaut.com.au
Wed Nov 11 20:11:20 EST 2009

At 6:33 PM -0800 10/11/09, Evan Schoepke wrote:

>It is my opinion that this book is so *important* that
>it should be made  completely free on all the myriad internets

I agree that the information in the book is important, but
the copyright over the publication must also be respected.

If some people want to collaborate to create a permaculture
book under a Creative Commons license, I would be happy to
provide a hosting platform and IT support to such a project.

I believe such a book would be a fantastic asset for the
human race and I would be proud to support such a project
in any way I can.


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