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> Thanks for the good points all around...
> I think this is a great debate for permaculture that goes way beyond
> this particularly important book and overall is very healthy and has lots of
> room for compromises.
>  *I added just added a poll* <http://www.punkrockpermaculture.com> so that
> we can see what is the trend of thinking with in the broader community,
> please vote if you would like.
> Thanks for all the great replies I feel *Rationally Creative* most
> eloquently stated a good portion of my opionion below:
> I agree with you! This work is too valuable to hide behind an IP wall.
> Dispersing the book for free as an ebook (still charging for the printed
> book) and allowing others to freely share and translate it would certainly
> produce more interest and could produce more revenue if implemented
> correctly. Make sure to add a strong message in the ebook communicating
> everything that Bill and Tagari are working for and a convenient link to
> make a donation.
> The question isn’t who owns the property but rather how can this work be
> distributed to produce the greatest positive impact (even financially for
> Bill and Tagari)?
> Evan, you are hitting a vein of different thinking between generations.
> Generations before ours feel that IP laws protect their property and are an
> essential means of doing business. Our generation (and a few others from
> earlier generations) believe that IP laws just hinder progress and
> innovation. People will find a way around the controls put in place and the
> most successful businesses going forward will be those that openly share
> their property and find novel ways to generate profit from it.
> I wanted to briefly clarify some things about myself.  Day in and day out
> I promote permaculture on my site, and at sites with in my community,
> because I believe deeply in both the design system and it's ethics.  I
> cherish everything I gained from taking an awesome PDC and I currently use
> that knowledge daily in my writing, at my house, and in my neighborhood
> setting up guerrilla forest gardens that often become open community
> gardens.  Some folks mentioned I should just write my own book and release
> it for free, well I've actually been working on that.  If permaculture has
> taught me anything its that we must work together, work with nature, and
> work urgently if we are to save biodiversity and avert social collapse.  I
> would not want to harm Tagari's sales, Bill's income, or the permaculture
> movement in any way and dutifully followed their take down order, but I
> respectfully refuse to disclose the location of other free versions of the
> designer's manual.  It has been demonstrated many times over that if a (free
> or donation based) digital copy is released it only generates more interest
> and hence revenue.  Most people prefer to read from paper books instead of
> on the screen.  I often wonder about questions of eco classism and access
> and if the systems, and  especially the ethics, of permaculture will spread
> fast enough into the day to day thinking of the busy world we live in to out
> pace the rate of destruction.  It is very likely that in the end I will keep
> my deep green anarchist leanings, Tagari will keep it's copyrights and
> prosper, thousands of people of all income brackets will continue to get the
> material online for free anyhow, and permaculture will grow in popularity
> and continue transform the world.  That last likelihood is my greatest hope.
> Thank you all and best of luck to you and your projects!  Every one of you
> is an inspiration!
> take care and fair share,
> ~evan  (@gaiapunk)
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