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Thu Nov 5 10:20:13 EST 2009

I finally have enough chestnuts to make chestnut flour.  Does anyone
know what the process to make it would be.  What would one use to mill


On Thu, Nov 5, 2009 at 12:45 AM, Nicollas <permactiviste at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> i'm not following a paleo diet (neither i have my own property to set up a
> permaculture-own-grown food) yet, but i begin to lookup at the paleo diet,
> it seems that permaculture is particulary relevant to a paleo diet, and vice
> versa. If you think at what you could grown on your property or a field
> without machinery or plowing animals, you go vegetables, nuts, berries,
> fruits, livestock (poultry, fishes ...), plus wild herbs and mushrooms, ...
> here it is.
> it is not surprising that permaculture is a good way to grow food, as
> indeginous forms where used for a very long time by homo sapiens (
> http://www.anthropik.com/anthropik/2007/06/agriculture-or-permaculture-why-words-matter/index.html)
> and that it produces good food cause what indeginous eat was perfectly
> genetically fitted as well (concept of paleodiet).
> Grain floor could be, to a certain extend, could be replaced by chestnut
> floor.

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