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Hey Lawrence, would you teach us to make miso soup?

Lawrence F. London, Jr. wrote:
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> Larry, you wrote:
> "...Anyway to start the ball rolling what is the best route to heart and 
> artery health (ignoring inherited genetic factors)?
> I think of grass fed meat on occasion [2-5 times (meals] per month), a 
> high fiber diet lots of fresh raw vegetables and
> fruits, maybe muscadine grape seed and skin freeze dried extract. Start 
> early in life with good dietary habits...."
> That would all be great which you wrote, but the fastest acting things I 
> can think of are Cayenne Pepper in capsules + Hawthorn Berries. The 
> Hawthorn Berry can be taken any time, but make sure the Cayenne is 
> surrounded by food, both in front of the capsules and behind them.
> The Hawthorn Berry feeds the Heart muscle and the Cayenne tonifies and 
> clears the arteries and heals tissues.
> The above info is per Dr. John Raymond Christopher, whose works on herbs 
> I have collected and studied for years.
> Hello Linda:
> Glad you are also interested in the pchealth list. I've been wanting to
> get a good heath & nutrition forum going for years, just never thought 
> of orienting it toward the permaculture community. I guess the time is 
> right for that now.
> Crops, foods, food preparation are favorite topics of mine, have been
> since I discovered macrobiotic foods, primarily vegetarian, in the late 
> sixties thanks to a few Meher Baba fellow travellers and a macrobiotic 
> genius from California who taught me how to make miso soup, whole grain 
> brown rice and generally the whole conservative, disciplined approach to
> macrobiotic dieting. He came to it by way of noticing one day when
> standing up and looking down he could not see his feet (remember the 
> Rolaids ad with the schmoo-shaped guy with indigestion gyrating around 
> to the beat of a kettledrum). He decided he needed to go on a diet.
> The world of macrobiotics saved him.
> I am not familiar with the use of hawthorn berries but I will learn.
> Maybe I have some supplements with that in them.
> Rhodiola is an interesting medicinal herb. New Chapter offers a nice
> supplement with this as the primary ingredient. Also, for same reasons, 
> ginkgo, fo-ti & gotu kola.
> For heart and artery health I would add the following to your list 
> containing cayenne and hawthorn:
> probiotics: kombucha, kim chee, unpasteurized kraut, rejeuvelac, seed 
> cheese, soy yoghurt, any of the many refrigerated powdered supplements 
> offered by such companies as New Chapter: All Flora, Smooth Food II, 
> anti-agring formula, others; their vitamins have a probiotics component
> garlic and onion
> whole grains and beans (I like the canned beans offered by supermarkets 
> and Whole Foods (their house brands are very competitively priced and 
> equal to all others); also white and yellow grits, steel cut and rolled 
> oats, barley, rice (long, medium and short grain, jasmine, red, black, 
> sweet, sticky, wild, etc.)
> get plenty of fiber in your diet
> oat bran, flax seed meal
> soy products: tofu, soy milk, soy yoghurt, tempeh
> probably all kinds of antioxidant foods: carrots, citrus, various berries
> probiotics should be taken at every meal
> proper food combining for maximum nutrition through maximum digestion
> always wait until you have fully digested one meal before you eat another
> never overeat
> only eat when you are hungry
> reduce salt intake
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