[permaculture] Gaia University Permeates to California

Living Mandala livingmandala at livingmandala.com
Sat May 30 00:14:33 EDT 2009

Dear Permie Friends,

Heard of Gaia University?

It's an action-learning based institution for higher learning rooted  
in the Permaculture ethics offering bachelors, masters and post- 
graduate degrees for action-learning project work in personal,  
cultural, and planetary transformation.

Check it out.

In Regenerative Service,

-Living Mandala


About Gaia University

Gaia University is a higher learning institution offering accredited  
degree programs for real-world action in self and planetary  
transformation. These programs cultivate world changers working for  
local and global sustainability, justice, and peace. Associates have  
access to a powerful global network of leaders, advisors and peers
offering support and guidance in the development, implementation and  
documentation of their self-directed project work.

Upcoming Degree Programs - June 16 - June 23, 2009

at the Regenerative Design Institute - Bolinas, CA

Integrative EcoSocial Design (IESD) BSc, MSc, GD*
- For those wanting to integrate ecological and social aspects of  
design into projects that focus on ecosystems, societies, communities,  
technologies, and personal

Organizing Learning for EcoSocial Regeneration (OLE) MSc, GD
- For those interested in applied organizational learning and design.  
Some people focus on the development of a GU regional center as their  
primary project.

Open Topic (OT) BSc, MSc, GD
- For those who are working at a strategic level as world changers and  
want to design their own program topic.

- Regenerative Design & Nature Awareness BSc, MSc, GD

For those interested taking the RDNA intensive program offered through  
the Regenerative Design Institute as the focus of their degree  
pathway. RDNA is a 9 month holistic, hands-on skill based training  
devoted to helping students develop leadership skills necessary to  
further sustainable & regenerative practices in their personal and  
professional lives. Requires registration into RDNA through the  
Regenerative Design Institute. For more information on RDNA and to  
register for this program click here.

*GD  Post Masters Graduate Diploma.

For more information click here


Orientation Workshop: June 16 - 29, 2009
Extension Workshop (IESD & OLE): June 25 - June 29, 2009
Closing workshop year 1: June, 2010
Closing workshop year 2: June, 2011

Re-Evaluation Counseling Fundamentals

Workshop (optional / open to the public): Sept 1 - 4 2009


North Bay Programs will be hosted by the Regenerative Design Institute  
located in Bolinas, Ca.


To apply for and register in these programs, please visit: www.gaiauniversity.org
e-mail: info at gaiauniversity.org

Gaia University Bay Area Regional Gather-In & Open House

Sunday, May 31st, 2-5 p.m.

Circle Center
8 Bolinas Ave
Fairfax, CA


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