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I think this is worth a good look to anyone interested in CCD and honey

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>I have placed my analysis of the causes of Colony Collapse Disorder  (CCD),
> the phenomenon creating havoc in the beekeeping industry online.
> Denial of the Mechanisms of Natural Selection and Colony  Collapse 
> Disorder
> (C.C.D.)
> A explanation of the  major cause of the worldwide problem afflicting
> Honeybees, made in terms of  modern evolutionary science and the 
> traditional
> practices of plant and animal  husbandry
> Abstract: This article will argue that denial  of the mechanisms of 
> natural
> selection is the single most important cause of ill  health in both
> domestic and feral Honeybee populations. I will outline the  factors that 
> obstruct
> natural selection for fitness to the environment in  domestic hives, and 
> the
> impact of uncontrolled crossbreeding upon feral  colonies.
> _http://www.suttonjoinery.co.uk/CCD/_ 
> (http://www.suttonjoinery.co.uk/CCD/)
> I will be very grateful for any thoughts from the permaculture  community.
> Mike Bispham
> (http://www.suttonjoinery.co.uk/CCD/)
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