[permaculture] Watch - fascination with "technology"

Sean Maley semaley at yahoo.com
Thu May 14 15:53:53 EDT 2009

Although I didn't find the video very interesting, the topic of understanding these technologies can be helpful.  There is a great book (re)publishing company that prints old machine shop manuals and has a few interesting books of their own.  They cover everything from do-it-yourself forges and making a metal shop from scrap to glass making, alcohol stills, steam engines, and photography.


I'm thinking of all the glass, plastic, and metal dumped in the parks where I live and wondering how practical it might be to recycle it myself as a hobby.

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Scott Pittman wrote:
> I'm not sure how this is relevant in any fashion!  Share your secret
> Lawrence, surely it's not the technology!

Sorry for the OT pollution, won't be repeated.
I was impressed with the breadth, depth and scope of technology these days,
might be useful to us or perhaps not. Certainly technological advances
in the study of life in the soil and plants is. Seems it is all interrelated
and free-flowing except when industry seeks to coop it and block access to and
competition from ordinary and extraordinary people and communities.
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