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OMG This is too funny
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The Composting Toilet and Cob Work Party
In response to the decrease of available city water and higher water bills 
we have three in a series of permaculture workshops designed to solve the 
problem and make it the solution. Why to we flush drinkable water down the 
drain and add nine chemicals to it and use up tons of energy to process it? 
Now all you have to do is create a composting toilet that can be used to 
fertilize your trees. The shape of this small temple will look like a large 
butt where the cool scented breeze of roses and flowers will flow through 
with ease. This demonstraition toilet will be featured in the Mar Vista 
Green Garden Tour.
We will also be hosting a weekend of playing in the garden starting on 
Friday April 24th where we will give you a campsite on the mulch under the 
avocado trees. Workshop attendees will be fed for helping us complete our 

Here's what we'll be building on.

How: $20 (30 people max.)
When: 9:00 - 5:00 Sunday March 29
Where: 3983 East Blvd Mar Vista, CA 90066 Water Woman Gardens
What:Building a cob composting butthouse
Who: Ray Cirino cob teacher, artist and inventor (google me or check out 
Why: Save money on water, learn cob, turning waste into food, have big 
laughs about a big butt and building a living roof.


Note: There will be continuing cob workshops every weekend up to April 26th 
the day of the tour. We'll have students helping us on that day that your 
welcome to come to and enjoy.

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