[permaculture] Honeylocust agroforestry resources!

negiliblek negiliblek at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 21 22:38:15 EDT 2009


Thanks for the link, glad my was of use -let me know when you try some honey locust beans!

>Perhaps even more so your reports of a coffee-like drink, complete 
>with stimulant effects - we badly need to develop temperate caffeine 

It was definitely a stimulant, but I really don't know if it was caffeine. Maybe someone with ties to a University could have the drink tested to determine it's content.


Lawrence F. London, Jr.,  I sent you another email with the first one you never received attached. This time I sent the email to both your bell south and your intrex email. 

I didn't receive a bounce back on the first email I sent you and I didn't send a bounce back on either the bell south nor the intrex.  Do you have a spam gaurd or maybe blacklisted my email address some how? 

If not, it's kinda unnerving -this has happened in the past on rare occasions; an email just disappears: no spam guard, no blacklist, and no bounce back.

call me at 505 409 5269... I'm on Mountain Time (daylight savings)



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