[permaculture] Dieter's email on fire and fertility

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one example of sustainable traditional farming in the Mediterranean was mentioned in one of the books of Bill Mollison
(Permaculture One may be?). It was about chestnuts culture in Corsica Island. The people of this area of the Mediterranean
could get pretty much all they needed for their life from the various chestnut products.
Not sure about their fire prevention strategies though, but chestnut is I believe one of those trees that can withstand fires
and resprout after it, as well as cork oaks.



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Again, Dieter, thanks for that great email.? I am doing most of the things you 
mention for fire prevention.? I'm also fantasizing about?being able?to have a 
few overhead sprinklers for zone 1, someday.? The danger of fire in your area 
seems unsustainable.? How did people thrive in the Mediterranean for so long 
with this kind of potential for fire?
Similarly, how did people populate the Mediterranean basin so densely with such 
limited water sources?? I would like to know more about traditional farming 
culture.? I also wonder if the fertility of the lowlands was maintained at the 
expense of the highlands, as in East Asia.? In Farmers for Forty Centuries, you 
can read about how the hills were basically sacrificed to maintain the rice 
paddies and orchards.? In the Mediterranean, goats, sheep, and cows, coupled 
with tree cutting, turned the hills into barren rocks, with all the topsoil 
feeding the lowlands or the Sea.? Are there examples of sustainable 
farming/gardening from traditional Mediterranean culture?

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