[permaculture] Honeylocust agroforestry resources!

rafter t. sass liberationecology at gmail.com
Fri Mar 20 14:35:38 EDT 2009

Thanks so much, negiliblek, for all the info and the picture!

I haven't run into anyone before who has eaten the seeds themselves,  
so that is great news.
Perhaps even more so your reports of a coffee-like drink, complete  
with stimulant effects - we badly need to develop temperate caffeine  

My digging around has turned up some other good resources, via NAFEX  
and their honey locust research group. Their data is consolidated at
the homepage of Andy Wilson of the Springtree Agroforestry Project.

His page is loaded with good stuff, including vital cost-benefit  
analysis of honey locust silviculture.
  Check it out at http://www.pvcc.edu/faculty/awilson/agroforestry/

I think I may be getting a serious crush on this tree.


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