[permaculture] Please Take a Minute to Vote - to support our grant application to promote the Permaculture Revolution

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>Subject: Please Take a Minute to Vote - to 
>support our grant application to promote the 
>Permaculture Revolution
>Would you please be so kind as to forward the 
>message below to all your contacts. We need 
>people to vote for this project, as Green 
>Mountain Coffee are running a competition that 
>could see us get $200,000. This would enable us 
>to not only create this book, but also do a 
>documentary, website, etc., which would go a 
>long way towards promoting Permaculture 
>worldwide. There is only a day before this 
>competition endsŠ. Thanks in advance Geoff.  If 
>you could mark the email as priority that may 
>help also (if your mail program gives you this 
>Hello everyone,
>Thanks for taking a minute to read this and post 
>your vote, helping us get a grant that would go 
>a long way towards promoting Permaculture 
>As many of you will know from a previous mailout 
>soliciting proposals for a book on successful 
>Permaculture projects around the world (thanks 
>for your responses by the way - and although I 
>haven't been able to respond to many people as 
>yet, I shall endeavour to do so in time) we are 
>working on writing a book called Sustainable 
>[R]evolution: permaculture in practice around 
>the world.  It would profile over 50 sites 
>around the world that are modeling real 
>solutions to the global environmental crisis, 
>linked by the philosophy of permaculture.
>In addition, our dream is to also release a 
>film, create a website and develop an 
>organization-- here's the brief on what we want 
>to do:
>An inspiring global movement is underway that 
>some call the largest the planet has ever seen. 
>Armed with time-tested indigenous wisdom and 
>cutting-edge green techniques, the culture of 
>permaculture is taking root on every continent. 
>Permaculture is a design system that integrates 
>traditional knowledge with appropriate 
>technology.  By restoring soil fertility, 
>permaculture techniques can reduce atmospheric 
>carbon to pre-industrial levels, key to reducing 
>climate change. The Culture of Permaculture is a 
>campaign including a book, film, and website 
>that aims to motivate a wider public to 
>integrate permaculture into their lives, making 
>a difference through individual action.  The 
>book, to be released next year by Chelsea Green, 
>examines over 50 locations worldwide that model 
>positive futures.  The Story of Permaculture, an 
>animation to be produced by Free Range Studios 
>(following the success of The Story of Stuff), 
>demonstrates the potential of permaculture to 
>roll back climate change.
>Green Mountain Coffee is requesting proposals 
>for a grant that could make our campaign happen, 
>and part of the decision is based on online 
>votes.  We just found out about this grant and 
>the votes are due by this Friday, March 20.  Go 
>to vote for and/or comment on our idea to help 
>us make it a reality.  Pass it on to anyone you 
>know who might be supportive.  We SO MUCH 
>appreciate your taking the time to do it.
>Craig Mackintosh (working with Louis and Juliana Fox from Free Range Studios)
>Craig Mackintosh
>IT Manager/Photojournalist
>Permaculture Research Institute
><mailto:craig at permaculture.org.au>craig at permaculture.org.au

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