[permaculture] True Knowledge

Lawrence F. London, Jr. lflj at intrex.net
Wed Mar 18 18:54:36 EDT 2009

negiliblek wrote:
> Lawrence F. London, Jr.
> Thanks for all your other links too, Lawrence (tree/forest links, rock dust, etc). I've often used your links.

Hope you get good use out of all of that.

> I tried Facebook to see what you've put together, stove wise, and found out I need a Facebook account. None of my business, but didn't you used to put pics on Picasa? I haven't used any method to publish any thing I've done personally: if you want to say why Facebook was a good option, I'd like to know since I'm going to start publishing pics.

I am new to Facebook and did not pick that as a place for pix galleries but I will duplicate my other archiving efforts 
there. I like Facebook because of all the nice networking possibilities, many currently underway and in development.
I use my ibiblio for my permanent archives, because I own that completely and it gets backed up properly. Other than 
ibiblio I use Blogger:  http://venaurafarm.blogspot.com for a lot of my work. It now seems thata I will combine
Facebook , Blogger and ibiblio to create a multifaceted, distributed archive and communications central for my ongoing work.

Picasaweb is excellent for graphics galleries and you can link it to your Blogger blog (there are a lot of very upscale 
Blogs there); Facebook as an additional external site for your work. Galleries are easier to find and navigate with 
Picasa/Blogger than with Facebook but that may change; I really like Facebook.

> BTW, I sent you an off list email re pcdb. Did you get it?

No, I didn't. Please resent it to my two main addresses:
lflj at intrex.net
lflj at bellsouth.net
both, to make sure I get it.

Wolfram Alpha and True Knowledge show great promise for the future. There are two more resources of interest that I will 
post about tonight.



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