[permaculture] FRI MARCH 20 /Sustainable World Radio Interview with Owen Dell Author of Sustainable Landscape for Dummies

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Friday, March 20,  9-10am, Sustainable World Radio, Interview with Owen Dell
Sustainable World Radio, KCSB 91.9 FM PST
  and streaming live on www.kcsb.org,  interviews also posted on 

Join Jill Cloutier of Sustainable World Radio for an interview with 
Owen Dell, author of the newly published book, Sustainable Landscape 
for Dummies.
Dell is the smart man behind the Dummies title, who shares more than 
38 years of knowledge and experience as a landscape architect, 
contractor and permaculturist, with a passion for good design that 
makes sense for the homeowner,the environment, and saves money too. 
Wes Roe of the Santa Barbara Permaculture Network will also be in the 

More Details:

A Book-tour for Owen Dell begins in Santa Barbara on March 29, with a 
Book-signing and Talk (see below):
  Visit <http://www.owendell.com/>www.owendell.com for update on his 
upcoming book tour in California.

Upcoming Event:

Santa Barbara Permaculture Network
Sustainable Landscaping:
A Visionary Look at the Future of Gardens
  Book-Signing & Talk with Owen Dell
  author of Sustainable Landscape for Dummies  

Sunday, March 29, 7 pm, Donation $5
Santa Barbara Public Library, Faulkner Gallery

	 The word sustainable is everywhere these days, but just what 
makes a sustainable landscape and why does it matter?

	 Join Owen Dell, author of the newly published book 
Sustainable Landscaping for Dummies, on March 29, at 7pm , for a talk 
and book-signing event at the Santa Barbara Public Library, Faulkner 
Gallery. Dell is the smart man behind the Dummies title, who shares 
more than 38 years of knowledge and experience as a landscape 
architect and contractor with a passion for good design that makes 
sense for the homeowner and the environment and saves money too.

	Part of the phenomenally successful "Dummies" book series, 
with its give me the facts, make me smarter format that have made 
them so popular, Sustainable Landscaping for Dummies provides 
hands-on, how-to instructions for the novice and expert alike.  From 
creating abundant edible landscapes, to making your home safe in 
wildfires, to making the most of rainfall that falls on your land, 
the book describes processes that don't just make things less bad, 
they make them a lot better.

		A long time "guru" for sustainable landscaping, Dell 
suggests we can mimic nature for best design.  Humorously describing 
traditional landscape design as an "environmental train wreck", he 
seriously notes these practices destroy native habitats, consume 
natural resources, cause strip mining and forest clear cutting, and 
annually poison nearly 70 million birds with pesticides.

	Working since the 1970's with his first landscape design 
business, Dell found a niche designing beautiful and functional 
gardens using native plants.  Later, taking inspiration from natural 
disasters he created "firescapes" for the fire ecology of southern 
California, and water-wise gardens, that responded to drought 
conditions in the 1980's.  More recently he developed the concept of 
"fossil free" landscapes, noting the need for less fossil fuel (oil) 
powered equipment used in our gardens, and has incorporated many 
permaculture ideas as well.   Dell hopes to reach a larger mainstream 
audience with the Dummies book, that are becoming conscious of 
climate change, water resources and other environmental impacts, many 
caused by decisions made in their own backyards.

	Owen Dell  is an award-winning California-licensed landscape 
architect and contractor, and the owner of County Landscape and 
Design in Santa Barbara, California. He is one of the founders of the 
Firescape Demonstration Garden in Santa Barbara, which was the first 
of its kind in the nation. He has been a contributor to Sunset 
Magazine, Pacific Horticulture and many other publications.  Dell is 
the co-star of Garden Wise Guy's a sitcom about sustainable 
landscaping.  He has presented workshops and lectures for homeowners 
and professional audiences at botanic gardens, colleges and 
universities, and conferences throughout the United States, Canada, 
and overseas.

Sustainable Landscaping for Dummies will show you how to design, 
build, and live with an earth-friendly landscape that:

	 Requires minimal maintenance
	Is inexpensive to construct and maintain
	Is made from safe, natural materials
	 Resists pests and diseases
	Is drought-tolerant and long-lasting
	 Supplies wholesome, organic food for you and your family
	 Provides outdoor rooms for many uses
	Is stunningly beautiful

Some of the inside tricks you'll learn in Sustainable Landscaping for Dummies:

	How to make use of "heritage" materials that will last many lifetimes
	How to design and build a drip irrigation system that really works
	How to make use of the "world's best design tool"
	How to cut your maintenance costs by half or much more
	How to supercharge your plants by adding one natural element 
one time only, for pennies per plant
	How to virtually eliminate fertilizing by using the "chop and 
drop" technique
	How to develop a Neighborhood Foodshed in your community


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