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negiliblek negiliblek at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 17 01:11:07 EDT 2009

Lisa Rollens

>Hmmm...I didn't know there was a different species of honey locust with
>small pods.  They're not black locust, are they??  Ours down here have >large pods...16-18 inches long.

-could be black locust. I've read that there are many varieties of honey locust and that some nurseries create their own hybrid. The locust trees in Gallup have pods 8-12 inches long but the seed in the pod is fat, huge compared to the 6 inch pod found in Maysville with flat, thin seeds.

the Gallup variety seed (shelled from the mature brown pod), can be boiled in two changes of water (to remove tannins), and then boiled like a black or red kidney bean (which I've done -got pics if you want). It would only take a fist full of brown pods to make a single bowl of beans.
It's clearly not worth my time to use the Maysville variety this way.

>I picked up over 20 feedbags full and have been
>feeding them to my dairy cow all winter.

Did you pick the pods green or brown (mature)? How do the cows like them? Can you taste it in their milk? Have you opened the pod to see how thick the seed is?

>I have elderberries, serviceberry, chestnut, witch hazel, black >raspberry, and gooseberries under the black walnuts

Nice! I'm not that familiar with the elderberry and the serviceberry (though I've read about them an seen non-descript pictures of them). If happen to have a spring, summer, fall, and winter picutres of those two plants -I'd love to have them since they are supposed to be in Maysville.

And thanks for the info on the locust's sex. I'll try and photo document the plantings.


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