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Subject:	 fw: [sbfoodfuture] Need real home for nitrogen-fixing tree publications
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If interested, please contact Marshall, not me.


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Subject: [sbfoodfuture] Need real home for nitrogen-fixing tree publications

Hi all,

I am having to move and this requires me disposing of many books and
other literature. I am not a subscriber to all the pertinent groups
within whom someone would benefit from free publications from the
Nitrogen Fixing Tree Association (NFTA). The association focused on
tropical and subtropical n-f trees and other useful woody plants. The
association folded about a decade ago and the Winrock International
network picked up the work for a while under the report title "Forest,
Farmn and Community Tree Research Report (FACTRR). NAFTA also issued
leaflets on cultivation and uses of individual species. At the moment I
need to root out from storage the old materials.

These materials collectively are sure to be of value for permaculturists
and sustainable farmers/ranches. Please pass the word around. Curiosity
alone is qualification enough to acquire this treasure trove.

Marshall Chrostowski


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