[permaculture] HRH Prince Charles with Ali Sharif at PAL's IPA center in Brazil Mar 13 2009

Wesley Roe and Santa Barbara Permaculture Network lakinroe at silcom.com
Sat Mar 14 17:32:06 EDT 2009

Sending this photo of HRH Prince Charles on a site tour with PAL's 
founder and International Program Coordinator, Ali Sharif, at our IPA 
center in Northern Brazil. We weren't allowed to speak of the visit 
before-hand due to security issues, but now...

Daylife, Getty Images by AFP/Getty Images: 

HRH Prince Charles is very interested in helping the people in the 
Amazon and after hearing about our work at IPA, he had secretly 
arranged the site visit under heavy security conditions. HRH penned a 
brilliant press release only last year, addressing our responsibility 
to support the small agricultural organic farmers in the third world 
countries, as well as the toxic and destructive practices of the 
Green Revolution (now being called the Alliance for a Green 
Revolution). At the far right, nearest the cow, is Carlos Miller, an 
amazing permaculturist who had previously been IPA's director.

HRH Prince Charles' interview on the GM (genetically modified) 

PAL's website: <http://www.permacultura.org/>www.permacultura.org 
(outdated, but we are designing a completely new site)

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