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christopher nesbitt christopher.nesbitt at mmrfbz.org
Sat Mar 14 13:49:59 EDT 2009

Hi Bela,

I lost 50 acres of habitat to a neighbors our of control fire. You can  
read about it here: http://www.mmrfbz.org/Fire.html As a result of my  
neighbors fire, I have spent much of the last year dealing with the  
consequences of fire, instead of focusing on things I would like to  
work on.

Hills can slump after loss of roots. You will have dead roots offering  
temporary support to the soil, so you will have a windiw in which to  
plant out more trees to replace the ones that were killed.

Not knowing the particulars of your area, and knowing it is most  
likely different than here, I would suggest considering deep rooted  
plants very quickly. We used vetiver on contour (about three acres of  
50 burned), and planted a LOT of trees through the balance, fast  
growing timber and tree legumes, some fruit. We have one hill I am  
very worried about.

Good luck!


On Mar 14, 2009, at 11:39 AM, Keith Johnson wrote:

> One of the best starting points is on pages 451-456 in Mollison's
> Designers' Manual.
> Hills can slump after a fire but usually rain is needed to initiate  
> it.
> Bare soils on steep slopes can make rain a curse even while it's a  
> much
> needed blessing.
> Bela Beke wrote:
>> Hi,
>> We live in a recently fire effected are of Australia.
>> We are looking for advice, guidance, on how to deal with landscapes
>> effected by wild fire.
>> Even to know the questions to ask and suggestions to make to
>> authorities-(who may or may not taken these things into  
>> consideration.)
>> Some areas were at least 660(degrees Celsius)The aluminium  
>> roadsigns melted.
>> Another concern is that some fire affected areas are quite steep  
>> and may
>> be subject to collapse
>> Worst case scenario-Can side's of hills slide down?On to roadways?
>> Not being experienced Permaculture designer's we are open to  
>> advice  to
>> how to work with large areas almost
>> totaly burned out by wery hot fires.
>> Links to literature,books ,practical advice(disaster
>> recovery,green(brown) field development )
>> on behalf of Permaculture Kinglake Ranges
>> regards,Bela Beke
>> beke<at>primus.com.au
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