[permaculture] open source village Farm Manager needed

negiliblek negiliblek at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 13 23:37:43 EDT 2009

factor e farm is looking for a farm manager:


..of the food forest type and One Straw Revolution type.

As salary you get a place to live, you get to eat what you sow/grow/encourage, and you'll get a first row seat to the first real world application of Open Source applied outside of the software paradigm (I'd say Open Source as applied in the permaculture realm but that's for you to judge).

There are already four or five goats, 3 roosters and maybe 5 hens, four ducks (down from six), and plenty of land to care for.

I also hope some experienced people on this list would give Marcin and crew a hand in creating their first Open Source Village (either with a working visit or remote design effort).  If you're someone who lives off of what you've planted using permaculture methods and you'd like to visit -send me an email and I'll see if what I can work out with Marcin to waive any visitor fees.

Why visitor fees? well, if you've ever tried any major project like this, then you'll know how hard it is to get work done when interrupted by people who are all talk and no do.

I've been there on a working visit; feel free to ask questions.


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